Best Telemedicine Apps You Can Use In 2022

Best Telemedicine Apps You Can Use In 2022

You might be needing to see a doctor, but you might not find the time to get an appointment or a treatment right away. In another scenario, you might be in a location where you might not find a medical practitioner or expert to treat an ailment or an injury. Things can go wrong anywhere at any time. It is a good thing that today we have so many apps that cannot only connect you with someone you know, or a law enforcement personnel and get you directions to a nearby facility that can treat your emergency and nonemergency concerns and situations that might occur to you. 

In the current digital age, where we have the latest tech and gadgets including smartphones, the internet, satellite TV and satellite TV services, different apps and other technologies to help us learn about different emergency situations, ways to address such situations and communicate these situations to the required personnel and experts. Telemedicine apps are one such means that can help you receive remote healthcare services from a doctor without being physically present in their office. The following iOS apps can help you do so very easily: 

Spruce – Care Messenger 

This is one of the useful iOS apps that is also one of the leading platforms for HIPAA-compliant telemedicine. You can use a unified team inbox that powers all the communication using your phone, text messages, video calling, secure messaging, secure chat with the team and many other features. Patients can simply download the app and connect with their doctors using 

business phone line, fax, scheduled messages and receive digital care for themselves

App Store Rating: 4.8


The app can help you connect with board-certified physicians from your home or if you are somewhere away from your home. You can connect with them whenever you want to. This includes getting a response on holidays and weekends as well. You can use the app’s behavioral health appointments with some of the licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists and also connect for dermatology services. You can set up an appointment when you are comfortable or if you want to have an on-demand visit in around 15 minutes. This might work well to address emergencies and urgencies ideally. You can use the app to get your allergies, common cold, constipation, cough, COVID-19 Assessment, ear infections and other conditions treated. There are thousands of people who get their treatment done using the app easily. 

App Store Rating: 4.7

LiveHealth Online Mobile 

You can use the LiveHealth Online app for your Apple phones and visit a board-certified doctor, or a licensed therapist, registered dieticians and other specialists using video calls on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can receive care and medicare services easily and with convenience. You can talk to doctors and many other provisions that can help you have someone for help without having to go through waiting hours and in other ways. 

App Store Rating: 4.9

PlushCare: Online Doctor

The app can help you get diagnosed and get prescriptions for medications online with almost all major insurances accepted for treatment. Using the app also gets you a convenient and cost-effective way to get medication, diagnosis and other medical treatment no matter where you are in America. Primary care providers and physicians from around the country belong to the top 50 U.S based medical schools and are licensed and U.S. board-certified individuals. You can get in touch with an online doctor using your phone or your computer almost anytime and in any part of the year including weekends and different holidays as well. Users of the app can get treatments for almost all medical conditions online and experience a stress-free environment and positive outcomes for patients. You can get a free appointment if your doctor is not able to treat you. All of these and a unique feature of getting you medical prescriptions is part of the app’s specialties. 

App Store Rating: 4.9

Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7

This is one of the affordable and high-quality applications that you can use from your home or when you are traveling and stay connected to an experienced and board-certified medical provider 24/7. You can use the app for on-demand services, scheduled appointments and get yourself treated the very next day. All you need to do is simply download the app, choose the type of visit and the provider who you need to get an appointment. The app offers affordable prices and some cool features for patients throughout the nation for urgent care, therapies, psychiatry and nutritional needs and consultations. One of the unique features is that you can use Apple Health to share your health information with the doctor using video visits and more. 

App Store Rating: 4.9

In the end, one can say that in the current digital age, getting treatment for an ailment or any other emergencies and nonemergencies has been made easy. Using the apps mentioned above you can keep yourself healthy and use different cost-effective platforms to meet your healthcare needs. 


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